Cooling or heating (AUTO)

This mode may be normally used all year round as the system automatically works to keep a constant temperature. Air flow distribution and fan speed are also controlled automatically.

1. Press the AUTO button on.
2. Turn the driver’s side temperature control dial to the left or right to set the desired temperature. Driver and passenger temperatures can be set independently. Press DUAL or turn the passenger temperature control dial to the left or right to activate dual climate control functions. Turn the passenger’s side temperature control dial to the left or right to set the desired passenger’s temperature.

● Adjust the temperature dial to about 75°F (24°C) for normal operation.

● The temperature of the passenger compartment will be maintained automatically. Air flow distribution, fan speed and A/C on/off are also controlled automatically.

● A visible mist may be seen coming from the vents in hot, humid conditions as the air is cooled rapidly. This does not indicate a malfunction.

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