Vehicle security system (if so equipped)

The vehicle security system provides visual and audible alarm signals if someone opens the doors when the system is armed. It is not, however, a motion detection type system that activates when a vehicle is moved or when a vibration occurs.

The system helps deter vehicle theft but cannot prevent it, nor can it prevent the theft of interior or exterior vehicle components in all situations. Always secure your vehicle even if parking for a brief period. Never leave your keys in the ignition, and always lock the vehicle when unattended. Be aware of your surroundings, and park in secure, well-lit areas whenever possible.

Many devices offering additional protection, such as component locks, identification markers, and tracking systems, are available at auto supply stores and specialty shops. Your NISSAN dealer may also offer such equipment. Check with your insurance company to see if you may be eligible for discounts for various theft protection features.

How to arm the vehicle security system

1. Close all windows. (The system can be armed even if the windows are open.) 2. Place the ignition switch in the LOCK position and remove the key.

3. Close all doors. Lock all doors. The doors can be locked with.

● the power door lock switch (if the door is opened, locked and then closed).

● the key — master or mechanical (Intelligent Key models).

● any request switch (Intelligent Key models).

● the keyfob or Intelligent Key.

Keyfob and Intelligent Key operation.

● Push the button. All doors lock. button. All doors lock.

The hazard lights flash twice and the horn beeps once to indicate all doors are locked.

● When the button is pushed with button is pushed with all doors locked, the hazard lights flash twice and the horn beeps once as a reminder that the doors are already locked.

The horn may or may not beep. Refer to “Silencing the horn beep feature” in the “Pre-driving checks and adjustments” section later in this manual.

4. Confirm that the indicator light comes indicator light comes on. The light stays on for about 30 light stays on for about 30 seconds. The vehicle security system is now pre-armed. After about 30 seconds the vehicle security system automatically shifts into the armed phase. The light begins light begins to flash once every 3 seconds. If, during the 30-second pre-arm time period, the driver’s door is unlocked by the key, a request switch, the keyfob or Intelligent Key, or if the ignition switch is placed in the ACC or ON position, the system will not arm.

● If the key is turned slowly when locking the driver’s door, the system may not arm. Furthermore, if the key is turned beyond the vertical position toward the unlock position to remove the key, the system may be disarmed when the key is removed. If the indicator light fails to glow for 30 seconds, unlock the door once and lock it again.

● Even when the driver and/or passengers are in the vehicle, the system will arm with all doors closed and locked with the ignition switch placed in the OFF position.

Vehicle security system activation

The vehicle security system will give the following alarm.

● The headlights blink and the horn sounds intermittently.

● The alarm automatically turns off after approximately 50 seconds. However, the alarm reactivates if the vehicle is tampered with again. The alarm can be shut off by unlocking the driver’s door with the key, a request switch or by pressing the button on button on the keyfob or Intelligent Key.

The alarm is activated by.

● opening a door without using the key, a request switch, keyfob or Intelligent Key (even if the door is unlocked by using the inside lock knob or the power door lock switch).

How to stop an activated alarm

The alarm stops only by unlocking the driver’s door with the key, pressing the button on button on the keyfob or Intelligent Key, or by unlocking all doors with any request switch (Intelligent Key models).

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