Compressed Video Files (models with Navigation System)

Explanation of terms:

- DivX DivX refers to the DivXT codec owned by Div, Inc. used for a lossy compression of video based on MPEG-4.

- AVI AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave.

It is standard file format originated by Microsoft Corporation. A .divx encoded file can be saved into the .avi file format for playback on this system if it meets the requirements stated in the table in this section. However, all .avi files are not playable on this system since different encodings can be used other than the DivXT codec.

- ASF ASF stands for Advanced Systems Format. It is file format owned by Microsoft Corporation. Note: Only .asf files that meet the requirements stated in the table in this section can be played.

- Bit rate Bit rate denotes the number of bits per second used by a digital video files.

The size and quality of a compressed digital audio file is determined by the bit rate used when encoding the file.

Requirements for Supporting Video Playback:
Requirements for Supporting Video Playback:

1. CD eject button.

1. 2. VOL/ON·OFF control knob.CD eject button.

2. VOL/ON·OFF control knob.

3. Station and CD select (1 - 6) buttons.

4. LOAD CD button.

5. TUNE/FOLDER and AUDIO control knob (Bass, Treble, Fade, Balance, SSV (if so equipped), and Beep).

6. AUX IN jack.

7. AUX button.

8. TRACK button.

9. SEEK/CAT button.

10. DISC button.

11. RPT/RDM button.

12. SCAN button.

13. AM·FM button.

14. DISP/CLOCK button.

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