Using the system

The NISSAN Voice Recognition system allows hands-free operation of the Bluetooth Phone System.

If the vehicle is in motion, some commands may not be available so full attention may be given to vehicle operation.


When the ignition switch is placed in the ON position, NISSAN Voice Recognition is initialized, which takes a few seconds. If the button is pressed before the initialization completes, the system will announce Hands-free phone system not ready and will not react to voice commands.

Operating tips

To get the best performance out of the NISSAN Voice Recognition system, observe the following:

- Keep the interior of the vehicle as quiet as possible. Close the windows to eliminate surrounding noises (traffic noises, vibration sounds, etc.), which may prevent the system from recognizing voice commands correctly.

- Wait until the tone sounds before speaking a command. Otherwise, the command will not be received properly.

- Start speaking a command within 5 seconds after the tone sounds.

- Speak in a natural voice without pausing between words.

Giving voice commands

To operate NISSAN Voice Recognition, press and release theon the button located on the steering wheel. After the tone sounds, speak a command.

The command given is picked up by the microphone, and voice feedback is given when the command is accepted.

- If you need to hear the available commands for the current menu again, say Help and the system will repeat them.

- If a command is not recognized, the system announces, Command not recognized.

Please try again. Repeat the command in a clear voice.

- If you want to go back to the previous command, you can say Go back or Correction any time the system is waiting for a response.

- You can cancel a command when the system is waiting for a response by saying, Cancel or Quit. The system announces Cancel and ends the VR session. You can also press and hold the on thebutton on the steering wheel for 5 seconds at any time to end the VR session. Whenever the VR session is cancelled, a double beep is played to indicate you have exited the system.

- If you want to adjust the volume of the voice feedback, press the volume control switches (+ or -) on the steering wheel while being provided with feedback. You can also use the radio volume control knob.

- In most cases you can interrupt the voice feedback to speak the next command by pressing the steeringbutton on the steering wheel.

- To use the system faster, you may speak the second level commands with the main menu command on the main menu. For example, press the tonebutton and after the tone say, Call Redial.


The combined command of Call and (a Name) cannot be used.

How to say numbers

NISSAN Voice Recognition requires a certain way to speak numbers in voice commands. Refer to the following rules and examples.

- Either zero or oh can be used for 0.

Example: 1-800-662-6200 One eight oh oh six six two six two oh oh, or One eight zero zero six six two six two oh oh - Words can be used for the first 4 digits places only.

Example: 1-800-662-6200 One eight hundred six six two six two oh oh,  NOT One eight hundred six six two sixty two hundred, and NOT One eight oh oh six six two sixty two hundred - Numbers can be spoken in small groups.

The system will prompt you to continue entering digits, if desired.

Example: 1-800-662-6200 One eight zero zero The system repeats the numbers and prompts you to enter more.

six six two The system repeats the numbers and prompts you to enter more.

six two zero zero - Say pound for #. Say star for * (available when using the Special Dialing command and the Send command during a call).

- Say plus for + (available only when using the Special Dialing command).

- Say pause for a 2-second pause (available only when storing a phone book number).

- You can say star for * and pound for # at any time in any position of the phone number (available only when using Special Dialing command).

See List of voice commands and Special Dialing in this section for more information.

Example: 1-555-1212 *123 One five five five one two one two star one two three


For best results, say phone numbers as single digits.

The voice command Help is available at any time. Please use the Help command to get information on how to use the system.

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