Manual Control (if so equipped)

While using the voice recognition system, it is possible to select menu options by using the steering wheel controls instead of speaking voice commands. The manual control mode does not allow dialing a phone number by digits. The user may select an entry from the Phonebook or Recent Calls lists. To re-activate voice recognition, exit the manual control mode by pressing and holding the PHONE/END (button. At that ) button. At that time, pressing the PHONE/SEND ( will start the Hands Free Phone System.) button will start the Hands Free Phone System.

Operating tips

- To enter manual control mode, start the voice recognition system and tilt the tuning ( system will) switch up or down. The system will speak "Showing Manual Option" when manual controls are initially activated.

- To browse the menu options, tilt the tuning ( system will) switch up or down. The system will always speak the current menu option. Depending on the audio display, it will also show the current menu option.

- To select the current menu option, press the PHONE/SEND (- To go back to the previous menu, press the ) button.

- To go back to the previous menu, press the PHONE/END (current ) button. If the current menu is the Main Menu, pressing the PHONE/END ( ) button will exit the Phone system.

- To exit the manual control mode, press and hold the PHONE/END ( for 5) button for 5 seconds.

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