Exterior and interior lights

* Always check with the Parts Department at a NISSAN dealer for the latest

* Always check with the Parts Department at a NISSAN dealer for the latest parts information.

1. Front map lights (if so equipped)

1. Front map lights (if so equipped)
2. Interior light
3. Headlight assembly
4. Front fog light (if so equipped)
5. High-mounted stop light (if so equipped)
6. Spoiler-mounted stop light (if so equipped)
7. License plate light
8. Rear combination light


bulb removal Indicates bulb removal

bulb replacement Indicates bulb replacement

 Replacement procedures

All other lights are either type A, B, C or D. When replacing a bulb, first remove the lens and/or cover.

Interior light
Interior light

Use a cloth 1 to protect the interior light housing.

Map light (if so equipped)
Map light (if so equipped)

Use a cloth A to protect the light housing.

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