iPod * player (if so equipped)

● Some characters used in other languages (Chinese, Japanese, etc.) are not displayed properly on the vehicle center screen. We recommend using English language characters with an iPod .

● Large video podcast files cause slow responses in the iPod . The vehicle center display may momentarily black out, but it will soon recover.

● If the iPod automatically selects large video podcast files while in the shuffle mode, the vehicle center display may momentarily black out, but it will soon recover.

● Improperly plugging in the iPod may cause a checkmark to be displayed on and off (flickering). Always make sure that the iPod is connected properly.

● The iPod nano (2nd Generation) will continue to fast forward or rewind if it is disconnected during a seek operation.

● An incorrect song title may appear when the Play Mode is changed while using the iPod nano (2nd Generation).

● Audiobooks may not play in the same order as they appear on the iPod .

● The iPod nano (1st Generation) may remain in fast forward or rewind mode if it is connected during a seek operation. In this case, please manually reset the iPod .

● If you are using an iPod (3rd Generation with Dock connector), do not use very long names for the song title, album name or artist name to prevent the iPod from resetting itself.

● Be careful not to do the following, or the cable could be damaged and a loss of function may occur.

● Bend the cable excessively (1.6 in (40 mm) radius maximum).

● Twist the cable excessively (more than 180 degrees).

● Pull or drop the cable.

● Close the center console lid on the cable or connectors.

● Store objects with sharp edges in the storage where the cable is stored.

● Spill liquids on the cable and connectors.

● Do not connect the cable to the iPod if the cable and/or connectors are wet. It may damage the iPod .

● If the cable and connectors are exposed to water, allow the cable and/or connectors to dry completely before connecting the cable to the iPod (wait 24 hours for it to dry).

● If the connector is exposed to fluids other than water, evaporative residue may cause a short between the connector pins. In this case, replace the cable, otherwise damage to the iPod and a loss of function may occur.

● If the cable is damaged (insulation cut, connectors cracked, contamination such as liquids, dust, dirt, etc. in the connectors), do not use the cable and contact a NISSAN dealer to replace the cable with a new one.

● When not in use for extended periods of time, store the cable in a clean, dust free environment at room temperature and without direct sun exposure.

● Do not use the cable for any other purposes other than its intended use in the vehicle.

*iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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