Zone variation change procedure

The difference between magnetic north and geographical north is known as variance. In some areas, this difference can sometimes be great enough to cause false compass readings. Follow these instructions to set the variance for your particular location if this happens:

1. Establish your location on the zone map. Refer to the illustration. Record your zone number.

2. Place the ignition switch in the ON position.

3. Press the seconds until button in for 5 seconds until the current zone entry number is displayed.

4. Press the until the button repeatedly until the desired zone entry number is displayed.

Once the desired zone number is displayed, stop pressing the will button and the display will show compass direction within a few seconds.


Use zone number 5 for Hawaii.

● If a magnet is located near the compass

● If a magnet is located near the compass or the vehicle is driven where the terrestrial magnetism is disturbed, the compass display may not indicate the correct direction.

● In places where the terrestrial magnetism is disturbed, the correction of the direction starts automatically.

Inaccurate compass direction:

The compass display is equipped with automatic correction function. If the correct direction is not shown, follow this procedure.

1. With the display turned on, press and hold the display will read “C.” switch for about 9 seconds. The display will read “C.”

2. Calibrate the compass by driving the vehicle in three complete circles at a maximum speed of 5 MPH (8 km/h).

3. After completing the circles the display should return to normal.

● If the compass deviates from the correct indication soon after repeated adjustment, have the compass checked at an authorized NISSAN dealer.

● The compass may not indicate the correct compass point in tunnels or while driving up or down a steep hill. (The compass returns to the correct compass point when the vehicle moves to an area where the geomagnetism is stabilized.)


● Do not install a ski rack, antenna, etc., which are attached to the vehicle by means of a magnet. They affect the operation of the compass.

● When cleaning the mirror, use a paper towel or similar material dampened with glass cleaner. Do not spray glass cleaner directly on the mirror as it may cause the liquid cleaner to enter the mirror housing.

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