CD, DVD or USB with Compressed Audio Files (models with Navigation System)

The file types supported by this system are MP3, WMA, AAC/M4A and ATRAC3. Explanation of terms:

● MP3 — MP3 is short for Moving Pictures Experts Group Audio Layer 3. MP3 is the most well known compressed digital audio file format. This format allows for near “CD quality” sound, but at a fraction of the size of normal audio files. MP3 conversion of an audio track can reduce the file size by approximately 10:1 ratio (Sampling: 44.1 kHz, Bit rate: 128 kbps) with virtually no perceptible loss in quality. The compression reduces certain parts of sound that seem inaudible to most people.

● WMA — Windows Media Audio (WMA) is a compressed audio format created by Microsoft as an alternative to MP3. The WMA codec offers greater file compression than the MP3 codec, enabling storage of more digital audio tracks in the same amount of space when compared to MP3s at the same level of quality.

● AAC/M4A — Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) is a lossy audio compression format. Audio files that have been encoded with AAC are generally smaller in size and deliver a higher quality of sound than MP3.

● ATRAC3, ATRAC3 Plus — Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding (ATRAC) is a lossy audio compression format developed by Sony.

● Bit rate — Bit rate denotes the number of bits per second used by a digital music file. The size and quality of a compressed digital audio file is determined by the bit rate used when encoding the file.

● Sampling frequency — Sampling frequency is the rate at which the samples of a signal are converted from analog to digital (A/D conversion) per second.

● Multisession — Multisession is one of the methods for writing data to media. Writing data once to the media is called a single session, and writing more than once is called a multisession.

● ID3/WMA Tag — The ID3/WMA tag is the part of the encoded MP3 or WMA file that contains information about the digital music file such as song title, artist, album title, encoding bit rate, track time duration, etc. ID3 tag information is displayed on the Album/Artist/Track title line on the display. * Windows , Windows Media and Windows Vista are registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States of America and/or other countries.

Playback order chart

Playback order chart

Playback order:

Music playback order of a CD, DVD or USB device with compressed audio files is as illustrated.

● The folder names of folders not containing compressed audio files are not shown in the display.

● If there is a file in the top level of the disc/USB, “Root Folder” is displayed.

● The playback order is the order in which the files were written by the writing software, so the files might not play in the desired order.

Specification chart:

Troubleshooting guide:

Troubleshooting guide:

Compressed Video Files (models with

Compressed Video Files (models with Navigation System)

Explanation of terms:

● DivX – DivX refers to the DivX codec owned by Div, Inc. used for a lossy compression of video based on MPEG-4.

● AVI – AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave. It is standard file format originated by Microsoft Corporation. A .divx encoded file can be saved into the .avi file format for playback on this system if it meets the requirements stated in the table in this section. However, all .avi files are not playable on this system since different encodings can be used other than the DivX codec.

● ASF – ASF stands for Advanced Systems Format. It is file format owned by Microsoft Corporation. Note: Only .asf files that meet the requirements stated in the table in this section can be played.

● Bit rate — Bit rate denotes the number of bits per second used by a digital video files. The size and quality of a compressed digital audio file is determined by the bit rate used when encoding the file.

Requirements for Supporting Video Playback:

FM/AM radio with compact disc (CD) player

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